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The UT is one of the three technical universities in the Netherlands. The research at the UT is framed into institutes and the project SHERPA will be part of the CTIT institute, in which all robotics and mechatronics activities take place. CTIT is one of the largest academic ICT research institutes in Europe with its over 475 researchers actively participate in the research programme. The Control Engineering group, chaired by Prof. Stefano Stramigioli, is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In this research group, the focus is primarily on robotic and, more precisely, on mechanical design, modelling, simulation, control and embedded software. Applications and area of interest are inspection, service and medical robotics.

Within SHERPA, the UT is responsible of the mechatronic design, construction and control of the robotic arm and of all the technological support for the human-robot interaction. Moreover, UT’s research will focus on the development of bilateral teleoperation control algorithms. Finally, as leader of WP3, the UT will lead the integration of the complete SHERPA team.

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