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The Sherpa Box

A key technological element of the platform is represented by the "SHERPA Box", which is a mechanical element designed to contain the computational and communication Hardware relevant for the cognitive and control capabilities of the whole team, and to serve as docking/rechargeable station of the small scale UAVs. It serves also as storage element of the rescuer’s equipments and tools. According to the mission to be accomplished and to the environmental conditions, it is mechanically conceived in order to be transportable either by the ground rover or by the Rmax UAV, by thus enabling ground or aerial deployments of the small scale UAVs, or directly by the rescuer as a backpack.


  • Main computational and communication Hw
  • Docking/rechargeable station for the small scale UAVs
  • The rescuer’s storage
  • Modularly transportable both by the ground rover, by the Rmax, and by hand.



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