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KUL has a research group in robotics since the late 1970s, with a focus on the mechatronics and control-theoretic aspects of force-controlled robots. Since the 1990s, this focus has shifted towards the control, estimation, software engineering and task specification of complex, multi-sensor and multi-task robot applications. Nowadays, the software engineering has become a major topic, in which KUL has achieved world-wide recognition; not in the least via the open source robot control software framework OrocosĀ  ( Within this software engineering research, a special place is taken by the research towards the design and software support for a composable task specification and control paradigm.

KUL will drive the "harmonization" of all software developments throughout the whole project, focusing on helping all partners working towards sharable and integratable results. KUL will have also a primary role in the development of the simulator for testing and operator training. KUL will lead WP8, as core developer for the innovative "dynamic cognitive map" infrastructure.

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