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The Aslatech Engineering ( offers a wide range of services in Mechanical design, from the conceptual design to the final prototype and its industrialization, with particular attention to specific application requirements. Aslatech offers the possibility to derive the best product specifications in collaboration with the customer.

Since 2004 Aslatech has been involved in activities related with automation of Unmanned Aerial System Vehicles both in mechanical and electronic design in the concept and constructive fields. Production and testing methods are fundamental in our development processes.

Our main activities include: structural and modal calculation, constructive drawings and bills of materials, rapid prototyping and testing, technical documentation. All the custom parts are realized inside the company, the electronic control systems too.


Project specifications analysis, mechanical design and construction of the rotorcrafts, the docking mechanisms and the end-effector (WP3) to be integrated with the robotic arm. Aslatech will support the integration of the rotorcrafts with the SHERPA Box for aerial, ground and human deployment. Aslatech will also support activities in WP7 regarding implementation aspects of the control algorithms. More in details the activity of Aslatech will be focused on the following aspects:

-       Multi-rotor platforms design and construction according to the Sherpa specifications (WP3)

-       End-Effector design and construction  (WP3)

-       Design of automatic recharge systems for flying platforms (WP3)

-       Physical layout of the mechanical supports for all the computing platforms to be installed on the rotorcrafts

Basic low-level avionics of the rotorcrafts


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